2010 - present

2010 - present


Chelsea                                            Nancy                                  Nicholas Fries

Wasteland                                        Kora                                    Christopher Read

The Legion                                       Angry Annie                       Joe Lucarelli

Slightly Single in LA                        Zach's Fan                         Christie Will

No Weapon Formed Against Us     DeeDee Hines                    Eriah Howard




General Hospital                                Co-star                                ABC, Scott McKinsey

Baby Daddy                                      Recurring                           ABC Fam., Michael Lembeck

The Bold & The Beautiful                Recurring                           CBS, Jennifer Howard

Friends With Benefits                      Co-star                                NBC, Fred Savage

Do Something! Awards                    Co-star                               VH1, Lenny Horowitz



First Jobs                                          Sasha                                  Lauren Ray

Solomon                                            Alcmeme                            Adam George Key



A Bright Room Called Day                Die Alte                              WVU Productions

The Vic                                                Cheryl                                M.T. Pockets Theatre Co.

The Quest for 3 Onions                     Spinella                              M.T. Pockets Theatre Co.

The Emperor's New Clothes             Empress                            M.T. Pockets Theatre Co.



Sprint "Cut my bill in half"               Principle, Interviewee         Tim K.

Burlington "Soul Man"                     Principle, TIna                     John Kenower

Target "Superfan"                             Principle, Superfan             Mark Klasfeld

Kellogg's "Cupcake"                        Principle, Customer           Chris Hooper



Baron/Brown                                      MEISNER technique

Chris Game                                       personal coach, audition technique

GROUNDLINGS                                improvisation (Sean Hogan)

Robert Martin Jr.                              commercial audition technique

Jeffery Brooks                                  business of acting, scene study, audition technique

Mark Teschner                                  scene study

Amy Lyndon                                     cold reading

Mike Pointer                                      commercial cold reading

Anthony Meindl                                 scene study

The Acting Corps                              improvisation, scene study

West Virginia University                   BA THEATRE




Tennis- 15 years, Intermediate, current player.                      Yoga- Intermediate, current practice.

Aerobics- Intermediate.                                                          Hiking- Intermediate.

Can play ALL hand drums, own DJEMBE- Proficient.         Alto- Musical theatre, folk, pop, rock.

Crochet, Knit, Sew10 years, Proficient.                              Draw, Paint- 15 years, Proficient.

Styling, Wardrobe Maintenance, Dresser- Proficient.        Carpentry- Intermediate.

Dialect Expert: Valley, Southern, Minnesota, NY,                  Whistling Expert- Proficient.

     Boston, Irish, Scottish, English (various),

     Australian, Italian, Jamaican, Romanian.





The story so far...

Born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, Jessica fell in love with the beauty of story telling around the age of 11 and became involved in community theatre when she started high school. She then, on an academic scholarship, was able to earn her BA in theatre from West Virginia University where she also starred in her first short film...and really fell head over heels for the subtleties and nuances of film.

After graduating from college, and losing her father (and hero) much too abruptly to cancer, she decided to take a one-way-trip to Europe and reignite her life. Toward the end of many months of traveling, learning, living and loving, she was offered a job at an Italian fashion house and she immediately realized that if she didn't return to the United States sooner than later, her heart's first love- ACTING- was in danger of being placed on the back burner...which was not an option.

It has now been several years since Jessica returned from Europe and shifted her life across the country to pursue an acting career here in Los Angeles.

Already this new chapter of her life has been more exciting  than she could have dreamed.

And she continues to study tirelessly, work passionately and live exuberantly.

And she wouldn't have it any other way.




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